School positivity 

Good Morning Everyone,

So today is my first day of 8th grade. I decided to write a blog post about how people act, about the first day oF school. Many people are excited about going to school, because it is a new year, new people to met, new classes, and a lot of fun stuff. And then there are people who dread coming back and call school a hell hole. I am one of those people who loves school, and is excited about a new year. I don’t understand those people sometimes because we shou,d be happy about getting an education. Weather it is free or your parents pay for you to go. If you dread school then you need to change your mind set and how you look at it. School is a place that gives you your education, so that you can get the job that you have always wanted. It is also a place that gives you long lasting friends, that will be your brides maids/best mans at your wedding. School is something that God gave us so that we can learn and have fun at the same time. So, for everyone out there, Change your mind set and see the beauty that school gives us. Before I end this post I would like to pray.

“Dear God,

Please help all the kids and adults who are in school do good in there studies. Help them realize that school is something from you so that we can succeed. Amen”

Love Val❤️

Ps. Good luck to those who are already in school, or those who start tomorrow. And great job to those who already completed and passed school.

Inner Strength 

Good Morning Everyone,

So today I wanted to write about inner strength. I decided to write about this because yesterday I competed in a plank competition with my iCAN triathlon team. I was able to hold it for five minutes and 16 seconds but that wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t practice or have the strength to keep going. When we get into these situations, most of the time we will quit because it is too hard or is painful. Where would you be if every time that happened you quit. You wouldn’t get anywhere. You have got to keep trying and put your mind to something and if you do put your mind to something you can do anything. My coach always tells us that our body manifest what are mind harbors. What this means is that if you tell your mind that you’re going to do it your body will follow, but if tell your mind that you can’t do it then you won’t be able to. Everything that we think is what we will. God gives us these thoughts so that we have the strength to do anything. So go on from today knowing that you can do anything you put your mind to, be stronger than you were yesterday, be more determined than you were yesterday, and go accomplish more than you have yesterday.

Love Val❤️


Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today I want to talk about Questions. And what I mean about that is,  when I wrote the blog about mean word. Someone messaged me on Instagram and told me that they read my blog, and they saw that I talked about having herpes. The thing that stuck out most to me is that she actually asked about it. Most people either just make fun of you, look at you about it, or not even say anything. Even though not saying thing is OK but the cool thing is that she asked about how I got it, can other people get it, or does it hurt. It felt really good that someone actually wanted to know something about it and not just like oh I read it and it’s just something that she has. Most people are just afraid sometimes to say something, or ask something. It’s exactly the same thing in a classroom. Teacher in the beginning of every year they say there are no stupid questions, because kids are afraid to stand up and say that they don’t understand something or if they just have a question about the lesson. Many kid do this because they’re afraid that they’ll get laughed at because of the question they ask. But if you do stand up, then you feel so much better, and you would go home and know the question and not wonder what you wanted to ask. So just don’t sit down and wonder what you wanted to ask, stand up and ask your question and be bigger than those people who are  just going to sit down and not say anything.

Love Val❤️

Mean words

Good afternoon everyone,

Know how that saying is sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. Well that’s a bunch of lies! Thats because sticks and stones can break your bones but words are so much stronger than you think. Why this is true because people actually commit suicide just because of words that people say to them. So, yes sticks and stones can break your bones but words can hurt more than anything. I picked this topic of my blog today is because I have this thing that is called herpes and I have it all over my face because it kind of blew up, and today we were at the pool up in Sacramento with my cousins and this kid was making fun of me because want was on my face. And it hurt, but then I just realize that there’s a lot of people that have worse things then me. And I was sitting and just realize that this is a great lesson. God is with you and even though he gives you these problems he’s trying to make you stronger inside and out. And want you to know that even though they hurt you, you need to believe in him to keep you safe. Even though I want to punch that guy so bad for what he said I know that it’s not possible or worth it. Hurting him does no good to me. I know many people might think that if they see others in pain then they will feel better about themselves. That is not true, you should be helping people or telling them that is not right you shouldn’t be hurting that person. The more you hurt other people the more you’re hurting inside even if you don’t know it. A lesson to everybody, stick up for your friends or anybody that you see that is put getting put down God wants that and everybody! Part of what he put in us is love. Love is not just loving one person but loving everybody in their community❤️ Before I go I just wanted to do a quick prayer.

“Dear God, please watch over everyone tonight. Let them know that you shine so bright in there life. Let them know that they have you to guide them and teach them to believe in you. That people should not hurt others because it is making you sad.”

Love Val❤️

Life’s Timing

Good Afternoon everybody,

Today I was looking on Pinterest and found this amazing quote. The quote said, “don’t worry about what can happen in a month or even a year…Focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be. And then work on the next 24 hours after that and so on.” I don’t know why, but this quote really spoke to me. My mom always tells me not to focus on what is going to happen in the week, but focus on the day and work on from that. I’ve always wanted to know what’s going to happen every hour of that week and sometimes that’s not possible. God has given us every single day so that we can focus on that day and become a better person to ourselves and to everyone around us. I know this may sound weird but if we just focus not even 24hrs in front of us but if we focus on a minute or even a second or even an hour in front of us. Plan what we want to do in that hour, minute, or second, how we can change the world or how we see the world or how we know what we want for ourselves. Focusing on the 24 hours or how many minutes we want to focus on, we need to know what our goals are for that day or what we want in ourselves. That’s why I think that this quote spoke to me so much.  I was like that I always wanted, I wanted to know what I was going to do in that week I never really focused on what I wanted to do in that week. And now that I think about that my mom was so right when she said, “you need to just focus one today at a time, then tomorrow and the next day in the next day will come.” Don’t dwell on the fact that you don’t know what’s going to happen in that week or in that year. Take every single day that you have, cherish it, and become a better person for everyone to see and for you to know I am proud of myself I did this. I met that goal and I became the person I’ve always wanted to be. The last thing I want to do was to pray for everyone for this week to come. 

“Dear God please bless everyone out there that they will take you into their lives and know that you were always with them. Keep everyone safe out there and for everyone to do their goals and to praise you for everything that you do you do for them. Help everyone see the good in them selves and keep on driving to do better and to praise you! Thank you for everything you’ve done for all of us out here. You are our one and true God. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespass, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.” I hope everyone has an amazing week!

Love Val❤️

How we look at life

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I thought I would do a blog post about how we look at life! Why I made that name of the blog post is because just a couple days ago I was talking with a friend of mine and she was like yeah we mostly look at things differently than they should be. And then I realize that sometimes we take things for granted, but we don’t even notice it because were so busy and what we have so we don’t even notice that we’re doing it. I then realized that God is giving us everything that we need. God is our father, he will give us anything that he truly thinks that we need. So we shouldn’t be going around thinking oh I need this I need that because in real life God will know when you die when your break you leg, if you ever do, who you’ll meet, if you get married, if you graduate college and high school, he knows everything so we shouldn’t be worrying about how we look at our life because he really has it all planned out before we even are born. That is really crazy. But the main thing Is that we should look at life like it’s her last day. I know that might sound scary but it’s true if you look at life like it’s your last day you will cherish it and then you won’t take things for granted because you’re like oh it’s my last day and then you realize wow I did realaize but I took a lot for granted even though I didn’t realize it. Life is amazing and we should always cherish what we have but not too much where you become selfish about it. God is great and he’s always with us. I hope you all take this to heart and have a  great day!

Love Val❤️


I made this title of , my first blog post because I think that this is a very important thing. I really don’t have friends, but I wish I did. I mostly at school sit by myself because I have nobody to hangout with. At first I was a little sad because nobody wanted to sit with me, but then I got used to it. I don’t think that is something you should get used to because then you think that it is fine to be alone, but then it hit you and you realize that what happened. I can’t say I don’t have friends because I do but I don’t have a lot and most of them are from my triathlon team. So, I really only get to see them at practice. To everyone out there, don’t settle for just one person, even if you think that they are the best. You can do that but make sure that you are interacting with other people because friends are the most important thing you can have. Friends that are real will stick by your side forever, and are there when you really need them. Before I say goodnight I would like to pray.

Dear Lord, please keep me and everyone and me safe and well rested during the night. I know that you are with me and my family, and everyone In the world that is either working or sleeping. Help us know that you are the one and only and that we can count on you. Thank you for helping us throughout the day today.

Goodnight, love Val